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About Us

What is Kaba Nation?

Our mission is to inspire men and women to embrace their identity in Christ and walk forth in purpose. We desire that our customers are touched in such a way that they are strengthened, encouraged and motivated to share their light with the world.

Each design is inspired by scripture, and created to fulfill the purpose of sparking conversations to establish or deepen each person’s relationship with God. Our goal is to not only bring the word to life in our clothing but in every one of our hearts.

Kaba Nation isn’t just a brand and it’s more than a movement. It’s a ministry.


What inspired Kaba Nation?

A kaba, an integral part of Ethiopian culture, is a robe worn by kingdom royals since BC. Kabas are now worn during traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean wedding celebrations. Although kabas are recognized as a cultural symbol of royalty, they too embody our kingdom identity as heirs of Christ.


About Our Founder

Nia Tewolde’s first breath was in the beautiful country of Ethiopia where she lived until she was four. She then lived in Greece temporarily before relocating to the US with her family. Despite being away from their home country, her parents continued to teach her about her culture as a reminder of her earthly and kingdom identity.

A designer by heart, her original plan was to start her own fashion line but God had a different idea. After accepting God’s plan and obeying the call, Nia founded Kaba Nation. In an effort to bring the light of God’s kingdom to the world, her hope is to bridge the gap between culture and the church by inspiring people to live for Him daily.

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